What's the difference between 14K Gold fine jewelry, Gold filled demi-fine jewelry, and gold-plated?

Fine 14K Gold is a wise investment when building a capsule collection. At 50% Gold content, 14K Gold withstands the test of time and can maintain a rich luster for a lifetime. Shop our collection in heirloom 14K Gold

Gold Filled is a high-quality metal that is also budget-friendly. Not only are their manufacturing processes different, but the amount of gold alloy used in Gold Filled pieces is considerably higher than gold-plated. Gold Filled metal is a layer of 14K Gold with a core of jeweler's Brass or Copper.

Gold Filled jewelry has 100x more gold alloy than gold-plated and because that layer is so much thicker, it means Gold Filled jewelry lasts longer and stands up to wear and tear much better than plated. The image below is a great example of the difference between metals. As long as the piece is well cared for, Gold Filled jewelry can last for years.

Our Gold Filled and 14K Gold jewelry is also Nickel-free (with the exception of White Gold chain). Build your capsule collection of dainty basics in our high quality precious metals. Dainty bracelets, layering necklaces, stacking rings, hoops, studs, ear cuffs and more - made to mix-and-match, live in and layer on. Shop our full collection of fine and demi-fine jewelry

Gold metal comparison