Aegir Necklace - diamond circle pendant necklace with grey or blue diamonds

$ 98.00

Nordic god of the ocean and sea creatures.

A collection of petite, organic, rough Diamonds are wire-wrapped onto the bottom half of an hand-forged classic circle pendant. This sweet Diamond circle pendant suspends from delicate chain. A dainty and sophisticated addition to any look.

* Length: 17.0 inches (43,2 cm)
* Pendant: .75 inch (2,0 cm)

Available in the following Diamond and metal combinations:
14K Gold Fill and silver/grey Diamonds
Rose Gold Fill and pink Diamonds
Sterling Silver and blue Diamonds

Diamond is the birthstone of April. This classy piece would make the perfect gift for an April-born Aries or Taurus.

Metaphysical meaning/use of gemstones:
Diamond - cleansing energetic obstacles

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